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    Carter Land Care is a central Florida tree service using forestry mulching methods to improve properties and clean groves in central Florida. Founded by Matthew Carter over a decade ago as Carter Grove Care, we have more than a decade of experience with forestry mulching, real estate improvements, tree removal, invasive species removal, and storm debris cleanup in central Florida. We use efficient, custom-built equipment and tools, and place special focus on customer service.

    Carter Land Care also offers a variety of landscaping services. We help maintain and make improvements to golf courses, parks, and large properties. In addition, we conduct clearing work for real estate properties, roads, lots for construction projects, and hunting trails.

    Carter Land Care is located in Lake Wales, Florida, and we serve a wide area in central Florida.

    Forestry Mulching

    Forestry mulching refers to the practice of using a single machine, called a forestry mulcher, equipped with rotary drums with steel chipper teeth to cut, grind, and if necessary remove trees and vegetation. Forestry mulching is a cost effective way to clear land in part due to the efficiency of dealing with debris. We are not hauling debris off, we are not cutting and feeding debris to chippers, and we are not hauling debris to burn piles.

    Our forestry mulchers are compact machines and feature a track loader, which help us quickly and safely navigate through groves to remove unproductive trees while avoiding damage to keeper trees. Stumps can be left in the ground or removed as needed. If removed, our forestry mulchers quickly mulch stumps flush to ground level or below. While our heavily customized machines are expensive to run, our productivity is incredibly high, which gives our customers a lower cost per tree.

    Forestry mulching is also an excellent method for forest fuel reduction work and building and maintaining fire breaks.

    Our forestry mulcher machines are capable of mulching trees of all sizes. We are not limited to small trees like most companies. We can leave mulch of such high quality that areas can be mowed by a zero-turn mower after us. We are good at taking land and giving it that park-like look when we are done.

    Real Estate Enhancement

    At Carter Land Care, we improve real estate lots by clearing them and raising the canopy on the trees that remain. This gives the property a beautiful, park-like quality, which in turn increases the value and brings in buyers who are often willing to pay much more than previously. Real estate agents, investors, and developers can take advantage of this service to make their properties more attractive. This allows them to sell these properties for more than would have been possible before.

    Clearing work is done with efficient, custom machines. We prune keeper trees to eliminate stubs and raise the canopy with pole sawing and other horticultural practices. Any lot can benefit from raising the canopy, but it is especially beneficial for lake front lots.

    Carter Land Care can also help with marketing efforts after the work is done. We provide before and after photos of your property to show the difference that the enhancement work has made.

    Call us today to find out how we can help you with all your real estate enhancement needs.

    Invasive Species Removal

    Carter Land Care offers removal services for unproductive trees and invasive species. These species could include Brazilian Peppers, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, Australian Pines, and other species that threaten native species. Invasive species affect more than just the property at hand – if left unchecked, these species can spread to other areas throughout the state of Florida. Brazilian Peppers, for instance, has spread to become a statewide problem. Taking care of them on your own property protects not only you, but your neighbors as well.

    We use forestry mulching techniques to remove invasive species, eliminating not only the harmful species, but also encourages growth of the native species by spreading the resulting mulch. The work performed to remove unwanted trees and bushes from your land involves removal by hand of certain species and disposal with a mulcher. This technique has proven to be very efficient and cost effective.

    There are many types of areas and properties that can benefit from this service. We have mulched invasive species in mitigated banks and on wetland properties, golf courses, and even a federally protected mangrove swamp.

    Carter Land Care can remove these invasive species quickly and effectively. Call us now to discuss your specific problem with invasive species and develop a solution for removal.

    Land Clearing

    Carter Land Care offers land clearing services for construction lots. Once a plot of land has been purchased for a construction project, it needs to be cleared of trees, brush, and stumps. This allows building to begin on the lot. We primarily clear these lots by burning. These lots are usually cleared with the use of a bulldozer, but this is costly and damages the soil, and can affect the foundation of the building project. Burning is often a more effective method.

    There are two main techniques for burning to clear a lot: piling and burning, which removes most of the material, and digging, burning, and burying, which removes material from sight and buries it afterward. Either of these methods will remove the material out of the way so that the building project can commence, while burning it for effective disposal.

    Carter Land Care has experience clearing sizeable acres of land in Florida. We can help you prepare your construction lot, big or small. Contact us today to ask about our land clearing services and get your construction building off the ground.

    Hurricane Cleanup

    Carter Land Care offers hurricane cleanup services. Florida sees lots of storms that leave damage behind. Part of this storm damage is debris in the form of “green waste” which consists of downed trees, branches, and brush.

    Mulching is the most effective method of disposing of this debris. Carter Land Care cleans up downed trees and branches and mulches them with our specialized forestry mulching equipment. The mulch is so fine it can be mowed over after the work is done. This not only gets rid of the debris and cleans up the property, but it also encourages the growth of remaining trees and brush.

    Carter Land Care has been operating in Florida since 2007, so we know the damage that hurricanes can leave in their wake. We can use mulching to clean up different types of properties, such as homes in gated communities, country clubs, roads, parks, lots, wooded areas, pastures, and damaged timber stands.

    The best way to arrange these services is to set up a prepositioned contract in advance. Call Carter Land Care today to discuss your needs and set up cleanup services.

    Other Services

    Golf Course Land Clearing Services: Carter Land Care offers invasive species removal and hedging services to improve golf courses. We use custom machines that feature a unique track design which doesn’t damage or leave marks on course turf. Trees and brush that are removed are then mulched. This mulch is then blown off the course during cleaning, so nothing is left behind but a cleaner and greener golf course.

    Hunting Trail Clearing Services: Hunting trails often need special attention. Any overgrowth can get in the way, hide animals from hunters, or even cause injuries by scratching the skin and hiding steep drop-offs. Clearing these trails makes them safer and more enjoyable. We can also apply these clearing services to shooting lanes and sight lines.

    Citrus Tree Removal Services: Carter Land Care has been mulching citrus trees for years. We are one of the oldest companies working in citrus tree removal in Florida, with lots of experience under our belt. In the last 10 years, we have removed hundreds of thousands of trees. We pioneered a technique known as “clip and mulch”. This technique involves clipping with a compact track loader and feller buncher attachment, then mulching the waste with smaller equipment to spread for the remaining trees. Our method is precise, and we only clip and mulch undesired trees.

    Dirt Work and General Bobcat Services: Our machines can handle dirt work projects as well. Grading could be required before a foundation is laid, driveway constructed, drainage work performed, or roadwork begun. Carter Land Care has handled a number of jobs for municipal drainage and building pads, driveways, and dirt roads.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing Services: Debris and obstructions on a roadway are more than just inconvenient, they are dangerous. Branches that lean too far into a driver’s line of sight, low-hanging branches, and brush too close to the edge of the road can cause obstructions and accidents. Clearing these makes the road safer. Carter Land Care offers roadside right of way clearing. We work alongside power and utility companies, and handles the entire process of road clearing, from planning to documentation. We can work on steep slopes and carry the certification required close shoulders and lanes in order to work at night. The debris left from clearing is mulched and can then be mowed over.

    Carter Land Care has plenty of experience in all of these services. Call us to discuss your needs and develop a custom solution.

    Service Area

    Carter Land Care is a central Florida tree service headquartered in Lake Wales. We offer all the above services to a wide service area in central Florida. This region includes the counties of Brevard, Citrus, Hardee, Hernando, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake, Manatee, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, and Volusia. It also includes the iconic Orlando area. Contact us today to discuss landscaping services in your area.

    Carter Land Care places great emphasis on customer care. We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and develop a custom solution and action plan to meet your needs. We also offer a free estimate on all services, making your call totally risk-free. Call us today to discuss your needs, ask how we can help, and receive your free estimate.