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When looking for a tree service in Bartow, Florida, you need someone who knows the area and its special considerations and challenges. Carter Land Care has the experience and know-how to provide excellent landscaping services in Bartow and the surrounding area.

Carter Land Care knows the Bartow area. We have been in business in central Florida for 11 years, and we have taken care of plenty of properties in that time. We excel in customer care and offer a variety of landscaping services, including clearing, tree removal, mulching, and hurricane and road cleanup.

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    The services offered by Carter Land Care in Bartow, Florida, will improve the health, beauty, and safety of your property. We accommodate nearly every need for nearly any type of property.

    Real Estate Enhancement Services: Overgrown trees on a real estate lot can cause the property to appear untidy and neglected. This can decrease the value of the property and cause buyers to look elsewhere. Pruning trees that have grown out of control can improve the property and increase its value.

    Citrus Tree Removal: Removing non-productive citrus trees is essential for the health of a citrus grove. Ordinary tree removal methods would mean cutting a tree down or pulling it up by the roots. But a much faster method appropriate for purging large numbers of trees is “forestry mulching.” In this method, we use our specialized heavy equipment to cut, grind, and mulch undesired trees. The whole process takes hours, not days.

    Land Clearing: Construction lots in Bartow, Florida, need to be cleared before a foundation can be laid. All building projects in the area depend on a properly cleared lot.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing: Brush that grows too close to the edge of a road can cause safety issues for drivers. Drivers may try to avoid this brush, since it can scratch their vehicle and damage tires. This causes them to drive closer to the centerline, increasing the chance for collisions with oncoming vehicles. The brush may also encourage animals to stray closer to the road. Trimming or moving brush helps to increase safety on roads in Bartow, Florida.

    Invasive Species Removal: Invasive species steal vital nutrients and space to grow from native Florida species. These problematic intruders may include Brazilian Peppers, Melaleuca, and Australian Pines. Removing these species increases the health of your native trees and other plant life.

    Other Landscaping Services: Other services offered by Carter Land Care could improve your property. These might include dirt work, bobcat services, and other grading services. We also clear golf courses and hunting trails. Since Florida is often hit by damaging storms, we offer hurricane cleanup services to clear debris.

    Call Carter Land Care today to ask about the services that will help your property in Bartow, Florida.

    Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Bartow, Florida

    Carter Land Care serves a wide area in central Florida, including the city of Bartow. Some of the more popular neighborhoods we serve in Bartow are:

    • Gordon Heights: We clear and enhance real estate lots in Gordon Heights, improving the value and aesthetics of your property.
    • Peace River Oaks: We offer grading services in the Peace River Oaks area for the preparation of building foundations, driveways, and roads.
    • Taylor Landing: We can remove problematic citrus trees and invasive species in Taylor Landing, allowing the rest of your property to flourish.

    Free Estimates in Bartow, Florida

    Customer service is of the utmost importance with Carter Land Care. We value listening to our customers’ problems and concerns over pushing services. We consider what is best for your property and recommend the services that will make it healthier and more attractive. You can be sure we have your best interests in mind.

    We offer a free estimate on any of our services as a part of this customer-centered approach. This will take the surprise out of improving your property. Call Carter Land Care today to receive your free estimate on the best landscaping services for your property in Bartow, Florida.

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