Real Estate Enhancement

Some properties are just difficult to sell. Perhaps they include old trees, problematic tree stumps, or simply a disorganized, chaotic appearance. Carter Land Care’s real estate enhancement services in Florida can help improve these properties.

Hiring the right company to clear the property can make all the difference. Carter Land Care in Florida has over a decade of experience and can help increase the value of any property.

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    Enhance Your Real Estate

    Real estate agents, property investors, and developers may be managing a variety of different types of properties, each with its own unique challenges. Carter Land Care’s real estate enhancement services in Florida can help any of these properties achieve a more polished and attractive appearance, selling at a higher price point.

    Raising the tree canopy is beneficial for many areas, especially lakefront properties, and could include pole sawing and pruning the remaining trees.

    Many properties sit dormant for years, but once they are cleared or enhanced, they become valuable and desirable. The park-like appearance of these enhanced sites helps to sell them faster and at a higher price. We’ve often experienced prospective buyers who can’t wait until the work is finished – they start making offers while the property is still being cleared.

    Carter Land Care can provide photos showing the property before and after the work was done. Coming soon, we will have the option of drone video services for marketing purposes.

    Pricing Factors

    There is no set pricing standard for real estate enhancement services in Florida. Costs vary based on the scope of the project. It’s important to discuss the details of a property with any contractor you hire, as these details will affect the price of the job.

    Here are a few factors we consider:

    • Lot size
    • Soil condition
    • Terrain and environment
    • Services required

    All of these factors combine to produce a final price for the project. Realtors, investors, and developers should know the complexities of their projects, including the size, condition, and terrain of the property, as well as the services that will be required to improve it. Call Carter Land Care today for a free estimate for your specific project.

    Carter Land Care can help improve any property.

    Carter Land Care has more than a decade of experience in real estate enhancement services in Florida. We develop custom solutions for each project we take on. We welcome challenging jobs that allow us to use our creativity, knowledge, and experience to create a beautiful, healthy landscape.

    At Carter Land Care, we use custom equipment and tools to do the best job possible each time. Our machines are able to mulch trees large and small. This allows the job to be done right the first time, without any delays to obtain specialized equipment.

    Carter Land Care also offers these services:

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