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Maintaining and improving trees and landscaping can be a lengthy and complicated undertaking. If you aren’t an expert in the field, you could cause more problems by trying to do it yourself. An experienced professional can help you restore and improve your property. Carter Land Care provides expert tree and landscaping service in Lakeland, Florida.

We can help you solve any problem, from removing sick trees that are bringing down the value of your property to clearing roads for everyone’s safety. We can also improve your property, including giving real estate lots a park-like beauty.

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    The wide variety of services offered by Carter Land Care in Lakeland, Florida, gives you options for cleaning, restoring, and beautifying your property. Most properties can benefit from these services. We can help you decide which services are best for you and your property.

    Real Estate Enhancement: A real estate lot that isn’t receiving any attention or, more importantly, offers from buyers could use a little care. We clear these lots of unattractive features and prune remaining trees. The result is a clean, beautiful piece of property that will attract lots of new offers.

    Citrus Tree Removal: If your citrus grove is plagued with unproductive trees or invasive species, they must be removed so that healthy trees can survive. Removing these trees will save the remaining trees and encourage growth.

    Land Clearing: Construction projects can face obstacles, delays, and standstills if the land is not cleared properly for the foundation. Natural features, such as trees and brush, can prevent the structure from being built. We clear these lots so that building can commence.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing: Damaged roads and intruding trees and brush are hazards to all drivers. To improve road safety, we trim branches, remove trees and brush, and clear debris.

    Invasive Species Removal: A property that is experiencing a decline in growth may be dealing with one or more invasive species. There are a variety of species that could affect the growth of native trees, including Brazilian Peppers, Melaleuca, and Australian Pines. We remove these trees so your property can thrive once more.

    Other Landscaping Services: The above problems and solutions are the most common, but there are other issues that you might need help with. Carter Land Care offers solutions for these problems as well. Dirt work and bobcat services help with grading a property, which prepares it for the building of a foundation, driveway, or roadway. Golf courses and hunting trails benefit from clearing services, allowing them to become greener and safer. We also conduct hurricane cleanup for downed trees that might be left behind in the wake of a damaging storm.

    Call Carter Land Care today for help with any problems your property is facing – we will help you find a solution.

    Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Lakeland, Florida

    Carter Land Care has a wide service area in central Florida, including the city of Lakeland. Here are a few of the most popular neighborhoods we serve in Lakeland, though we provide service throughout all of Lakeland.

    • Beacon Hill: We provide solutions for commercial properties in Beacon Hill. These properties include real estate lots, construction lots, and golf courses.
    • Camphor: We solve problems for municipal properties as well, such as roadways and state-run hunting trails. We will work alongside municipal crews and power and utility companies to ensure a safe and smooth restoration.
    • Edgewood: Residential properties can also benefit from landscaping services. A home that needs a driveway to be built might need grading services. Downed trees and other “green waste” may need to be cleared after a serious storm. We can solve these residential concerns as well.

    Call Carter Land Care to ask how our services can help in your neighborhood.

    Free Estimates in Lakeland, Florida

    When you have a landscaping problem, you need a custom solution. We listen to your concerns, help you develop a solution customized to your needs, and even use custom equipment and tools to achieve the results you’re looking for.

    Free estimates on any service help us to continue this idea of personalized customer service. Call us risk-free to ask about the services that will benefit your property in Lakeland, Florida.

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