Dirt Work and Bobcat Services

Carter Land Care offers dirt work, grading, and other heavy machinery services in Florida. We can help with grading, drainage, building pads and driveways, creating dirt roads, and grading foundations for building projects. There are techniques for each of these methods that must be followed for a natural, even look. Because of the specific details involved, grading is not a DIY kind of project. It requires a professional contractor.

We have the experience to provide high quality dirt work and general bobcat services in Florida. Call today for your free estimate.

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    Our Dirt Work and Grading Services

    Building projects that require a foundation to be laid first would benefit from grading services. Sloping ground makes laying a foundation difficult or impossible until it has been leveled. Rough terrain can also make laying a foundation difficult. Carter Land Care dirt work and Bobcat services in Florida can create a level surface on which to lay the foundation.

    Grading is often done for the base course of a road or railway. A paved road needs a level surface before any paving can be done. Railways also need level surfaces without any rough spots or obstructions that could impact the smooth operation of the train. In the case of gravel roads, dirt roads, and other earthworks, the result of the grading work forms both the base and surface of the completed project.

    Sometimes dirt work services are needed for aesthetic reasons. If your property is going to be undergoing landscaping work, you may need a more level surface on which to work. Gardens can also benefit from level terrain. It’s difficult to work on a slope, and if it’s steep, it could affect the root system of plants and the amount nutrients they absorb. Many nutrients tend to run off as water carries them, and valuable soil, downhill. Other aesthetic purposes for grading services include slope terracing and contouring.

    Grading can create just the right drainage surface for your property. A gentle slope helps to direct runoff from storm water and irrigation flows.

    Buildings that require a driveway to be built use grading services beforehand. Driveways usually need a level surface or gentle slope.

    This type of work involves a variety of tools and techniques. Typically, it begins with a topographic survey to take measurements and identify potential problems. Equipment used for the actual grading work can include bulldozers, excavators, crawlers, and track loaders. Fine finish-grading is usually done with skid-steers or graders.

    Carter Land Care is experienced with dirt work and bobcat services, no matter what your reason is for needing them. Call them to discuss your specific needs and take advantage of a free estimate.

    Pricing Factors

    The cost of dirt work and general bobcat services in Florida largely depends on the type of job. There are a variety of reasons for needing these services, and each type of job will have its own requirements and issues.

    Factors to consider include:

    • Size and type of area to be graded, for example: driveway vs. road
    • Condition of terrain taking into account the slope and rockiness
    • Materials and special equipment, if required
    • Method of billing. Some jobs are billed per hour, while others are billed per square foot.

    Carter Land Care can handle any type of dirt work job that you may need. Call them today to ask for your free estimate.

    Carter Land Care can help with your dirt work needs.

    Carter Land Care, Inc., has over 10 years of experience with dirt work and general bobcat services in Florida. We have done a variety of these jobs, from municipal drainage jobs to building pads and driveways to dirt roads. We are committed to high quality, efficient work.

    Carter Land Care handles the administrative work for these types of jobs. We do not conduct utility installation, but can take on any other type of grading work. We are effective, professional, and talented with any type of dirt work or bobcat services. We also provide similar services, such as land clearing, tree removal, and real estate enhancement services. These services can all combine to make your property more attractive and more functional.

    Carter Land Care provides custom solutions for your property’s problems. We even build custom equipment and tools when necessary. Difficult and challenging jobs are a welcome opportunity for us to use creativity, collaborate with you, and produce satisfying work.