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We know it can be frustrating when a company doesn’t listen to your needs and pushes services you don’t want. The professionals at Carter Land Care value your concerns and work with you. Carter Land Care offers tree service and landscaping service to Orlando and surrounding areas in Central Florida.

We can help you solve any problem and fulfill any need. We offer clearing services to help you build or improve upon any property. We offer trimming for trees that have grown out of control. We can remove problematic trees, such as invasive species and non-productive citrus trees. We offer mulching on a variety of properties. We can even help you clean up after a hurricane.

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    Carter Land Care offers a wide variety of landscaping services in Orlando, Florida. We can work on real estate properties, citrus groves, construction lots, roadways, golf courses, hunting trails, and properties requiring drainage work, among others.

    Real Estate Enhancement Services: Real estate agents, investors, and developers can benefit from services to improve a real estate property. We can clear the land, raise the canopy, perform pruning, and provide you with before and after photos of our work.

    Citrus Tree Removal: We pioneered a clip and mulch method to remove unhealthy and unproductive citrus trees and improve the remaining trees. These dying trees are clipped with specialized equipment, then mulched. Our method is extremely efficient and minimizes damage to the remaining trees and property.

    Land Clearing: An uncleared lot is one of the first obstacles that can stop a building project in its tracks. Trees, brush, stumps, saplings, and other natural features of the lot will get in the way and prevent a foundation from being laid. We clear these lots by burning, which is both efficient and cost-effective.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing: Law requires that trees and brush be kept back from a road. Left alone, such vegetation can become dangerous. If your roads are not maintained, vegetation can grow out of control, obstructing the visibility of drivers and causing accidents. They could even damage the road itself with root systems. We trim and remove trees and brush that are causing safety concerns. We work with municipal crews and handle the entire process.

    Invasive Species Removal: Trees and plants that are not native to your area can threaten the native beauty and health of your property. These intruders could include Brazilian Peppers, Melaleuca, and Australian Pines, which are just a few of the most common species. We remove these invaders and mulch the site to encourage growth of your native trees.

    Other Landscaping Services: We also offer a variety of other services to help improve your property. These include dirt work and bobcat services for grading a property, clearing for golf courses and hunting trails, and hurricane cleanup to remove downed trees and other debris from your property after a storm.

    Call Carter Land Care to discuss how these services can benefit your property in Orlando, Florida.

    Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Orlando, Florida

    Carter Land Care has been serving central Florida for 11 years, making us one of the most experienced landscaping companies in the area. Our service area includes several popular neighborhoods in Orlando, though we do service the entire city:

    • College Park: We work on many different types of properties in College Park. These could include real estate and construction lots, roads, golf courses, and hunting trails.
    • Lake Nona: We help to clean up any property in the Lake Nona area. We clear properties, remove trees that are unnecessary or threaten the health of the property, and clean up debris after a hurricane.
    • Winter Park: We provide mulching services in Winter Park. This helps to eliminate unwanted trees and brush and also helps remaining trees to thrive.

    Call Carter Land Care to ask about the services that will be beneficial in your neighborhood of Orlando, Florida.

    Free Estimates in Orlando, Florida

    At Carter Land Care, we believe in listening to our customers. We will take your concerns and needs into account before we start suggesting services. We take a customized approach to every service we offer, from developing a custom solution for your needs to using custom equipment and tools during the work itself.

    As part of this customer-focused approach, we offer free estimates on all of our landscaping services. Your first call to us will be informative, friendly, and risk-free. Call Carter Land Care today to receive your free estimate on landscaping services in Orlando, Florida.

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