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Taking care of the trees and grounds on your property is a big job. Whether you need to fix a problem or improve your property, it can seem intimidating. This is where Carter Land Care’s experienced tree service professionals in Kissimmee, Florida can help. Carter Land Care offers tree and landscaping services that will benefit your property in Kissimmee and surrounding areas throughout Central Florida.

Carter Land Care offers a variety of services to suit any need. Real estate lots, construction lots, golf courses, and hunting trails can benefit from clearing services. Roadways can benefit from tree trimming and removal, as well as grading work done to build new roads or drainage work to keep roads from becoming flooded. One of the most beneficial services is mulching – this can benefit any property. Carter Land Care is very effective at carrying out mulching for any type of property in central Florida.

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    Carter Land Care can carry out nearly any type of landscaping service to provide a solution to your needs. We specialize in real estate enhancement, citrus tree removal, land clearing for construction lots, roadside clearing, and invasive species removal, though these are only a few of the services we offer in Kissimmee, Florida.

    Real Estate Enhancement Services: Raising the canopy on a piece of real property can be very beneficial. It improves the appearance of the lot, giving it a park-like quality that will increase its value. It also helps to reduce the amount of work that is needed in the future. We can raise the canopy, and the value, on your real estate property.

    Citrus Tree Removal: Ordinary tree removal methods involve cutting a tree down or pulling it up by the roots. But a much faster method appropriate for purging large areas is “forestry mulching.” In this method, we use our specialized heavy equipment to cut, grind, and mulch the undesired trees and leave the mulch behind for the health of the rest of the grove. The whole process takes hours, not days.

    Land Clearing: Our clearing service is mostly used on construction lots, though we also clear real estate lots, hunting trails, golf courses, and properties that require grading work. Construction lots especially can benefit from clearing. We clear the lot by burning, which removes all the natural material so you have a level surface on which to begin your building project.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing: Debris is not the only issue that can make roads dangerous – even the trees and brush lining the road can cause problems and accidents. These need to be trimmed and possibly removed to increase safety on the road and prevent damage to pavement.

    Invasive Species Removal: If you’re noticing new trees on your property that aren’t supposed to be there, they may be an invasive species. The most common of these are Brazilian Peppers, Melaleuca, and Australian Pines. They can endanger your native trees and overrun your property. We can remove these problematic trees and mulch them, which then can be distributed to benefit your remaining native trees.

    Other Landscaping Services: The above services are not your only options. If you need to build a structure or perform drainage work, we offer dirt work, bobcat services, and grading services. If your golf course or hunting trail is becoming overgrown and dangerous, we can clear the property to restore its safety and beauty. After damaging storms, we can also clean up the debris left behind, including dangerous downed trees.

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    Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Kissimmee, Florida

    For more than a decade, Carter Land Care has been offering landscaping services to a wide area in central Florida. This service area includes the city of Kissimmee. Though we service the entire city, there are a few neighborhoods in which our services have become popular:

    • Fells Cove: We offer grading services in Fells Cove. This helps level a piece of land so that a road, driveway, or foundation can be built. It can also help with drainage work, so areas do not become flooded.
    • Hidden Harbor: We can clear properties in Hidden Harbor, including golf courses and hunting trails. This keeps them looking cleaner and greener.
    • Veranda Palms: We conduct hurricane cleanup in Veranda Palms. Downed trees could become a danger in the aftermath of a damaging storm. We remove these trees by mulching them. This mulch could then potentially be used on your property to encourage its health and growth.

    Call Carter Land Care to discuss what we can accomplish in your neighborhood of Kissimmee, Florida.

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    Carter Land Care has always placed a special focus on customer care. We will listen to you, discuss the services that might be appropriate, and work with you to develop a solution that is customized to your needs.

    Part of our customer-oriented approach is our policy on estimates. We offer free estimates on all services. Call Carter Land Care today to get your free estimate on the service that is right for you.

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