Land Clearing

Before a commercial construction project can begin, there is often an untamed lot to contend with. This lot could be overgrown with brush, saplings, weeds, trees, and other vegetation that would prevent building. Land clearing services in Florida would greatly benefit such a lot, so that construction can begin.

The goal of land clearing is to end up with a level, clean lot, upon which a foundation can be built. To accomplish this, there is likely a lot of vegetation that needs to be cleared out of the way first. There are several methods to achieve this, but the most effective is burning.

Carter Land Care is experienced with clearing significant acres of land so construction can begin. Our method of clearing land is by burning.

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    Our Land Clearing Approach

    All construction projects, big and small, involve a lengthy process. There are several steps that come before any building begins. One of the most important of these steps is clearing the lot you intend to build on.

    The most efficient way to clear large sections of land is often by controlled and limited burning. There are two main methods for burning: pile and burn, and dig, burn, and bury. Piling and burning removes most of the material and burns it. Digging, burning, and burying removes material from sight, burns it, and then buries it in a back-filled hole.

    Commercial construction projects are not the only reasons for land clearing services. Those expanding their lawn to include unkempt parts of their land, caring for overgrown fields, meadows, and pastures, or creating new trails through wooded areas can benefit from our land clearing services in Florida.

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    Pricing Factors

    The biggest concern for the cost of land clearing services in Florida would be the size of the lot. Many contractors charge per square foot for smaller lots and per acre for larger ones. The bigger the property, the higher the cost.

    The amount of work involved would also factor into the cost. If there are a lot of large, old trees to contend with, the land will take longer to clear and require more effort. This will drive up the cost of the job. The same can be said for any stumps or rocks that need to be removed.

    The machinery needed will impact the cost as well. This could include equipment rental fees and fuel. Clearing by burning will mostly eliminate these extra costs, in addition to being more effective.

    If there are materials left over that need to be disposed of, this will also add to the cost.

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    Carter Land Care tackles all kinds of land clearing jobs.

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