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Tree service and landscaping in Winter Haven, Florida can include some unique challenges. This is where an experienced local landscaping company can help. Carter Land Care offers several landscaping services in Winter Haven, Florida.

Carter Land Care has been operating in central Florida for more than 10 years. We offer many different kinds of services in Winter Haven. We can enhance properties with clearing, tree removal, and mulching services. We help you recover from damaging storms by cleaning up hurricane debris. We also help increase the safety of roads by trimming trees and brush and cleaning up debris.

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    Carter Land Care offers various landscaping services in Winter Haven, Florida, that will make your property cleaner, safer, and more attractive. These services include clearing for real estate properties, construction lots, and roads and removal of citrus trees and invasive species.

    Real Estate Enhancement: We clear real estate properties of features that may decrease value, such as dying trees, stumps, and rocks. These can be unsightly and make buyers think twice about a purchase. By clearing them, the value of the property can rise and new offers start rolling in.

    Citrus Tree Removal: Ordinary tree removal methods involve cutting a tree down or pulling it up by the roots. But a much faster method appropriate for purging large areas is “forestry mulching.” In this method, we use our specialized heavy equipment to cut, grind, and mulch the undesired trees and leave the mulch behind for the health of the rest of the grove. The whole process takes hours, not days.

    Land Clearing: Before a construction project can begin, the plot of land it will be built on needs to be prepped. Usually, such a lot is unkempt and overgrown. Trees, weeds, brush, stumps, and other plants need to be cleared. There are many methods to clear a lot, and we typically use burning methods. However, we can also use our specialized and customized heavy machinery when necessary to quickly clear a property without the hassle of acquiring burn permits and working around dry seasons.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing: Trees that grow too close to the edge of a road can pose many dangers to drivers. Their branches can veer too far into the line of sight, causing reduced visibility on the road. These branches can also scratch vehicles and cause damage. Pedestrians and bikers may stray into the road as they attempt to avoid the overgrowth, endangering themselves and drivers. These trees can also cause damage to pavement, requiring frequent repairs. We trim branches and remove trees in problematic locations so they don’t cause safety concerns.

    Invasive Species Removal: Certain invasive species can threaten healthy native species. One particular species of concern in Florida is Brazilian Peppers, which at one time threatened to become a statewide problem. We remove these invasive species to increase the health and beauty of your property.

    Other Landscaping Services: Carter Land Care offers other services which might increase the value of your property, including:

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    Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Winter Haven, Florida

    Winter Haven, Florida, is part of Carter Land Care’s overall service area in central Florida. We serve the entire city of Winter Haven. Some of the more popular neighborhoods we frequent include:

    • Almeda Park: We clear plenty of properties in Almeda Park. We can clear unsightly features to increase the beauty and value of your land.
    • Berryhill: We conduct hurricane cleanup services in Berryhill, restoring your property after serious storms.
    • Cedar Cove: We clear roadsides in Cedar Cove, improving the safety of everyone driving and traveling in this area.

    Call Carter Land Care to discuss your needs in Almeda Park, Berryhill, Cedar Cove, or any other area of Winter Haven, Florida.

    Free Estimates in Winter Haven, Florida

    Carter Land Care, Inc., places special emphasis on customer care. Rather than telling you what we can do for you, we prefer to listen to your needs and concerns, then work with you to develop a custom solution for your problem.

    As part of this customer-focused approach, we offer free estimates on all services. Call us today to get a free estimate on any service you may need to improve your property in Winter Haven, Florida.

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