Citrus Tree Removal

Many citrus groves in Florida are burdened with unproductive citrus trees or blighted with tree infections like citrus greening, which is an incurable bacterial infection carried by an insect called the Asian citrus psyllid. When a tree is unproductive or infected with this devastating disease, it must be removed so that surrounding trees can thrive. This is where our specialized citrus tree removal services in Florida can help.

Ordinary tree removal methods would mean cutting a tree down or pulling it up by the roots. But a much faster method appropriate to remove large numbers of trees from within an otherwise productive grove is “forestry mulching.” In this method, we use our specialized heavy equipment to cut, grind, and mulch only the unproductive trees, leaving the healthy trees untouched and their fruit intact. The whole process takes hours, not days.

Carter Land Care is one of the oldest companies in Florida offering citrus tree removal services. We bring years of experience and our custom equipment to each job. Contact Carter Land Care today for a free estimate on your citrus tree removal needs.

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    Our Approach to Citrus Tree Removal

    Carter Land Care has been clearing unproductive citrus trees from citrus groves since 2008. We pioneered the clip and mulch technique in groves which is now widely used throughout the industry. This technique minimized irrigation damage and allowed us have equal or lower cost to out compete contractors burning trees. We have removed hundreds of thousands of trees. Our clipping technique is unique in the industry. We are the only company to use a compact track loader with feller buncher attachment for clipping. Our experience has been that this is a more expensive machine to run but the productivity is incredibly high giving a lower cost per tree. Advantages of our equipment include very precise placement of herbicide on the stump, our narrow machine compared to competitors minimizes damage to keeper trees, and we can avoid knocking fruit off.

    Advantages of forestry mulching techniques over traditional burning methods include the use of smaller equipment, minimizing damage to good trees, and minimized damage and fruit loss by not carrying trees to burn piles. We are also able to work late in the year without knocking fruit off, we have no liability from burning, and we require no delays for burn permits during droughts.

    Mulching cuts down on water loss and maintains the temperature of soil, which improves the health of roots. It also prevents the spreading of weeds, so that vital nutrients in the soil are reserved for the citrus trees. Without weeds, you also don’t need to dig near or under the tree to remove them, which can damage the root system.

    An experienced contractor will know exactly how to avoid these issues when they provide citrus tree removal services in Florida. Carter Land Care has pioneered the techniques others are just now starting to use, making us very experienced in our line of work.

    If your grove is at risk, don’t waste time with anyone but the best and most experienced. Call now to discuss your citrus tree removal needs and ask for your free estimate.

    Pricing Factors

    Several factors could impact the price of any citrus tree removal job, including how many trees need to be removed and mulched, the size of the area over which the mulch will be spread, other features of the property, such as rocks and rough terrain, and finally, how the contractor bills for services.

    If you have a small property, it’s unlikely that you will need a lot of trees trimmed, removed, or mulched. If you have a larger piece of property, you still may not have a lot of trees in need of removal. However, if you have a serious issue that has spread among your citrus grove, such as root rot, you may require more detailed removal services.

    Some features of your property could make the job slightly more complicated and thus, raise the cost. Rocks can get in the way of removal, requiring removal themselves. Rough terrain could also make things more difficult, depending on the ability of the machines to handle the terrain.

    Finally, the cost could go up or down depending on how the contractor bills for citrus tree removal services in Florida. Many companies bill either hourly or per tree. The option that’s best for you will depend on the efficiency of the contractor’s equipment. Highly effective equipment will get the job done in a shorter amount of time. You will want to ask how a contractor bills before working with them.

    Carter Land Care uses custom equipment that are both efficient and cost-effective. Their machines are small, precise, and efficient. They complete the job while minimizing damage to remaining trees and fruit.

    Call us today to ask about our process for removing citrus trees and to receive your free estimate.

    Carter Land Care can help improve the health of your citrus grove.

    Carter Land Care has been offering citrus tree removal services in Florida for more than a decade. In that time, we have removed hundreds of thousands of trees. When we started, there was only one other company in Florida working on citrus trees. This makes us one of the most experienced companies in Florida in this area, fully qualified to tackle any citrus tree removal job.

    Carter Land Care uses the clip and mulch technique for removing citrus trees – in fact, we pioneered the method. This unique technique minimizes irrigation damage and lowers costs. It also minimizes damage to remaining trees and fruit. For clipping, we use a compact track loader with a feller buncher attachment. For mulching, we use smaller equipment, minimize damage to trees and fruit, and are able to work late in the year.

    Carter Land Care also offers other services, such as:

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