Right of Way Clearing

Roads can often become crowded with debris, which causes accidents and endangers lives. When removing debris from multiple streets becomes too much for government crews to handle quickly, roadside right-of-way clearing services in Florida can help.

Roadside right-of-way clearing involves removing any debris that could get in the way of drivers. Trees, brush, and other growth can decrease visibility, cause impacts, force drivers to move closer to the center of the road, and generally make roads unsafe. It is crucial to trim and remove growth as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid these problems.

The right contractor can provide timely clearing for problematic roads. Carter Land Care holds several advanced maintenance of traffic certifications and the necessary experience to provide efficient clearing services. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on your roadside right of way clearing needs.

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    Roadside Right of Way Clearing

    Overgrown trees near roadsides can obstruct vision, scratch vehicles, and cause accidents. Often, overgrown trees and brush encourages drivers to move closer to the center line reducing the clearance with oncoming vehicles, creating risks and liabilities. Trimming these trees can help reduce this risk.

    As well as obstructing visibility, trees and brush can also obstruct road signs. This can become a serious hazard. These signs are necessary to warn drivers of upcoming road conditions and remind them to stop or yield. Most drivers won’t think to stop at a crossroad unless they see a stop sign.

    Trees and brush along a road can also reduce the area available for pedestrians and bikers. As they run out of space, these individuals are likely to take a chance further into the road, putting them in the center of a lane. This increases the risk for pedestrian- and bicycle-related accidents.

    Trees with roots or large trunks too close to the road can cause damage to the road itself, including heaving and cracking. If the trees are not maintained, then the road will need frequent repairs and even repaving. It’s far easier to tackle the cause of the problem: large unkempt trees planted too close to the road.

    Even trees that are far enough from the edge of the road can produce low-hanging branches. For most cars, this doesn’t present an issue, but large trucks are a different story. These vehicles could sustain significant damage from contact with low-hanging branches which have not been trimmed.

    An excessively thick canopy over a road can hinder the road’s ability to dry from wet conditions. The road needs exposure to the sun and proper movement of air to dry from rain, snow, and other wet conditions. With a thick canopy, the road can’t dry properly, leading to accidents from excessive water and thick snow.

    Excessive brush near a road also encourages wildlife to wander near or into the road, leading to an increase in animal-related impacts. Roadside right of way clearing services in Florida help to reduce and eliminate this issue, as well as many others.

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    Pricing Factors

    There are many factors that might go into the cost of roadside right-of-way clearing services in Florida. Every location and circumstance is different, and these affect the cost of any given clearing service.

    Factors include:

    • Scope of the job
    • Type of tree or brush growth
    • Age of trees and brush
    • Terrain

    Carter Land Care is equipped to handle all the varying types of conditions that need trimming along the roadside – call us now for a free estimate.

    Keep your roads safe with Carter Land Care’s right of way clearing

    Carter Land Care has plenty of experience with clearing cluttered roads – over 10 years, in fact. Several of our employees hold advanced Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) certifications, making them qualified to enact shoulder and lane closures in order to complete the work of clearing. No other contractor in the area comes close to Carter Land Care’s level of experience and qualification.

    Some of our competitive advantages include:

    • Carter Land Care clears roads with steep slopes in busy, congested areas with efficiency
    • We coordinate with local power and utility companies and handle the administrative work
    • We organize and shepherd the entire process of roadside right-of-way clearing: pre-planning, coordination with local utilities, execution of the work, and documentation of the work
    • We are especially experienced with roadway clearance trimming
    • The debris from our clearing work is mulched and can then be mowed by any zero turn mower
    • Carter Land Care is able to conduct work at night with equipment that is outfitted with 360-degree intense light package
    • We balance the needs of municipal maintenance and concerns of private residents for privacy.

    Other related services offered by Carter Land Care include:

    Carter Land Care can improve the safety and appearance of any road. The experience, qualifications, and professionalism we bring to roadside right-of-way clearing services in Florida is unmatched by any other company.

    Contact us today to talk about your road clearing needs and receive a free estimate.