Hurricane Cleanup

Florida sees a lot of serious storms, and your home or business can be left in the aftermath with a lot of debris, broken branches, and fallen trees. Homeowners and business owners may feel overwhelmed trying to clean up the mess, but Carter Land Care’s hurricane cleanup services in Florida can help.

Floridians are no stranger to having to clean up after hurricanes, tropical storms, and other serious weather events, but disposing of the debris by yourself can be cumbersome and dangerous. Seeking professional help makes cleanup thorough and efficient.

Carter Land Care is experienced and effective in after-storm cleanup work. We use environment-friendly mulching as our primary method. We’ve been operating in Florida for over 10 years, providing cleanup after many hurricanes.

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    Experienced Hurricane Cleanup

    Hurricanes may leave fallen branches and trees lying on your Florida property, often requiring a professional to clean it up. Some of the methods used for clearing branches, trees, and other vegetation after a storm include burying, burning, recycling or waste disposal, and mulching. Our focus, due to our investment in specialized clipping and mulching equipment, is on mulching fallen trees and limbs.

    Using our equipment’s clipping, cutting, and grinding attachments, Carter Land Care can quickly cut down and grind up damaged trees and brush, then left on the ground as mulch or cleaned up depending on the type of property.

    Parks benefit from the removal of downed branches and trees. Roads are rendered safe again after obstructions are removed. Vegetation in wooded areas and pastures flourishes after cleanup gives it ample space to grow. The mulch itself is good for encouraging growth wherever it is spread. Damaged timber stands and lots can also benefit from mulching to clean up debris.

    Carter Land Care specializes in mulching to clean up storm debris. Call us today to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate.

    Pricing Factors

    The cost of hurricane cleanup services in Florida varies according to the following factors:

    • Amount and type of debris needing removal
    • Mulching: amount of green waste to be mulched and size of mulching area

    Planning ahead is the best way to manage these costs. You may not be able to predict storms, but you can arrange the cleanup. This is usually done with a prepositioned contract. You may be able to reduce costs by setting up a contract with a company ahead of time.

    Carter Land Care is efficient at clearing downed trees and mulching. Call now to ask about a free estimate for your storm debris cleanup.

    Carter Land Care can help restore your property after a storm.

    Carter Land Care knows hurricanes. We have been in business in Florida for more than a decade. We know the particular issues associated with with hurricane cleanup services in Florida and we are experienced and efficient with clearing storm debris. We cut and clear downed trees, and mulch green waste. Our mulch is so fine that it can be mowed over with a zero turn mower.

    Carter Land Care offers other services as well, including:

    We take a personalized approach in dealing with their customers. We’ll listen to your story, propose a solution customized for your situation, and develop a plan for restoring your property to its pre-storm glory. Contact us today for your free estimate on hurricane cleanup needs.