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When you are dealing with problems on your property, such as downed trees from a storm or land that needs to be cleared, you want to deal with a professional who will put your needs first. At Carter Land Care, we pride ourselves on our customer service and experience bringing expert tree service and landscaping to Sebring, Florida.

We know the challenges and opportunities that come with landscaping in this area, since we have been improving properties in Sebring for more than a decade. We offer a wide variety of services that will improve any property, including land clearing, hurricane cleanup, tree removal, trimming and pruning, and mulching.

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    The services we provide come with a high standard of professionalism and care. You can be sure that you and your property are receiving experience, thorough service.

    Real Estate Enhancement Services: Real estate agents, investors, and developers alike can benefit from the clearing and improvement of a real estate property. We give troublesome properties a park-like appearance and can increase its value.

    Citrus Tree Removal: Ordinary tree removal methods involve cutting a tree down or pulling it up by the roots. But a much faster method appropriate for purging large areas is “forestry mulching.” In this method, we use our specialized heavy equipment to cut, grind, and mulch the undesired trees, leaving the mulch behind to improve the health of the keeper trees. The whole process takes hours, not days.

    Land Clearing: Construction projects typically involve a lengthy process. The first step is obtaining a lot on which to build. The next step is clearing the lot, since it usually includes trees, stumps, saplings, and other natural features that are often overgrown. We clear these lots by burning, removing all this material so you can begin building.

    Roadside Right of Way Clearing: Paved roads need to be cared for so that all drivers and pedestrians will be safe. At the same time, performing repairs can be quite a costly burden on a municipality. The trees that line a road can sometimes have roots that grow out of control, which causes cracks and other damage to the road itself. By removing these trees, the cost of maintaining the road can be greatly reduced.

    Invasive Species Removal: The beauty and health of your property can become threatened by invasive species. These trees and weeds intrude into a property, crowd out native trees, and steal vital nutrients from the soil. This can cause the native trees to wither. Removing the invasive species will help your native trees thrive.

    Other Landscaping Services: Carter Land Care offers many other services that can improve your property. These services include:

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    Neighborhoods and Service Areas in Sebring, Florida

    Carter Land Care has been serving central Florida for over a decade. Our service area includes the entire city of Sebring, Florida. Popular neighborhoods in Sebring that we serve include:

    • Avalon: We clear many types of properties in Avalon, including real estate lots, construction lots, golf courses, and hunting trails. This keeps them functional and healthy.
    • Hickory Ridge: We offer mulching services for most properties in Hickory Ridge. Mulching encourages growth and helps remaining trees to thrive.
    • Northwest Sebring: We conduct trimming and removal of trees and brush along roadways in Northwest Sebring. This allows everyone traveling in this area to do so safely.

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    Free Estimates in Sebring, Florida

    Customer care is the most important aspect of Carter Land Care’s service in Sebring, Florida. We value your concerns and needs above all else.

    Part of that customer-focused care is our policy on estimates. We offer free estimates on all of our services in Sebring, Florida. You can rest assured that any call to us is done so risk-free. Call Carter Land Care today to receive your free estimate and find out how we can help you.

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